Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ultimate Steam Shower whirlpool baths/Extremely Luxurious Steam Shower With Whirlpool Bath

Ultimate Steam Shower whirlpool baths-----It could be all you've dreamed about.

Built with Orginal Aristech acrylic and high intelligent computer system, the shower unit features a perfect combination of shower, Powerful whirlpool bath and wet steam sauna.
Life couldn't be easier with one of these showers yet it comes with warranty of 5 years.

It Retails now and free shipping worldwide!!

*Bathtub Material: Premium  Aristech Acrylic
*Size 1500*1500* 2250mm
*Bathtub With Anti Slip Texture
*Heavy Duty Quick Release Wheels
*Steam Generator: 2.8KW, Heavy Duty And Continous Working Mode
*Body Sprayer
*High Resolution 7" Waterproof TV
*Bubble Bath With Air Blower
*Water Heating System
*Computer Control Panel With LED Display
*Thermostatic Faucet
*CD/VCD/DVD Player, Universal Serial Bus Interfaces
Towel Rack*2
Sliding Shower Set
6 Mm Tempered Glass Construction.
Alloy Door Seal
Chromed Door Handle*2
*Warranty: 5 Years

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